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Kingsway Jewish Center is a Modern Orthodox Shul that has been serving the Midwood, Madison and Marine Park sections of Brooklyn, New York since 1928.

The Shul: Kingsway consists of a large facility that houses the main shul for Shabbat & Yom Tov Minyanim as well as a Beis Medrash where daily minyanim and shiurim are conducted year round. Various learning programs and lectures are also conducted throughout the year.

The Building: We also have an athletic facility consisting of a pool and gym with separate times for men and women. Special events are conducted in our beautiful catering hall.  Our tenants include Yeshiva Derech Hatorah Elementary School where many of our member’s children attend.

The Community: There are over 250 member families at Kingsway. We serve the needs of our member families through their life cycle events, whether for a bris, bar and bat mitzvahs, aufruf or unfortunately in time of mourning. We serve the community through many special events and charitable giving. We are proud of the many volunteers who give so generously of their time.

Medinat Yisrael: Kingsway is proud of its Zionistic tradition and boasts many members and their families who have made aliyah.  Many of our youth have studied in Israel.

Program Sponsors:                                                                                                                           THE CECILE & JULIUS MOSS SHABBOS YOUTH GROUPS                                                       THE CHAIM & RACHEL WEINSTEIN TORAH SCHOLARS PROGRAM                                      THE ELIAHU & LEAH ABILEVITZ TORAH STUDY PROGRAM                                                     THE MORRIS SCHNABEL ADULT EDUCATION INSTITUTE

Welcome: Kingsway is a warm very welcoming place. We invite you to get to know us. Feel free to experience our davening, particularly on Shabbos Mevorchim where you can come meet several hundred members of our community at our wonderfully catered  sponsored hot Kiddush that is open to all.

Rabbi. Etan Tokayer - Rabbi
Rabbi. Mordechai Schiffman - Asst. Rabbi
Rabbi. Shlomo Wolman - Shamash
Rabbi. Milton H. Polin - Rabbi Emeritus
Presidium: Yitz Elman & Jeffrey Grodko
Board Chairman: Dr. Julian Seewald
Board Vice Chairman: Jonah Meer

Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784