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Weekly Shiurim


We offer a wide range of weekly shiurim (most of them accompanied by food, as we are the "eatiest" shul in America).

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.


Midrash Rabbah with Rabbi Wolman (8:00AM in the Beis Midrash)

Pirkei Avos Lox & Learn with Rabbi Schiffman (9:15AM in the Smorg Room) - sponsored by Karen & Jake Abilevitz - (Click here to listen the shiurim)


Sefer Shoftim with Rabbi Tokayer (8:00 PM


Chumash Shiur with Rabbi Tokayer (8:00PM in the Beis Midrash)


A Bite of Torah with Rabbi Tokayer (11:45AM in the Beis Midrash)


Parsha & Gemara with Rabbis Tokayer & Schiffman (9:00PM in the Catering Hall)


Halacha Shiur with Rabbi Tokayer (an hour before Mincha in the Main Shul)

Kids Beis Midrash (6:15PM-7:15PM in the Spring)

Family Learning (After Shabbos in the Winter)

Sun, February 5 2023 14 Shevat 5783